The Bus, A Map of the City


Im neither scarred nor at ease on the bus. Taking the 14 Mission in San Francisco is an emotion in, and of, itself.

Sometimes when I commute from the East Bay to “the city”, aka San Francisco, I take the Transbay bus (the FS) to downtown SF. Then its a question of getting from SOMA to west west SOMA, the edge of the Mission really. Its that Bermuda triangle of San Francisco, or some call it the armpit. Its in a no-man’s land at Mission and Van Ness.


This is what the weekend, in comparison, looks like.

More often than not, it involves me in my back yard with the sunshine, some music, a notebook, and probably some tarot cards and a joint. I love that I’m sitting outside and illustrating this day, and its Dec. 23rd. Gotta love California, eh?

Katie Strange