Yuba River in Winter #1 [watercolor 6"x9"]

Yuba River in Winter #1 [watercolor 6"x9"]


"Yuba River in Winter #1"

This is a hand-painted original and a one-of-a-kind collector's item. My work is created with intention and inspired from nature. Each painting from my studio is a one-off item for you to hang proudly in your home. 

The River series illustrates the life of a river. Each color represents a different layer of sediment as the river moves, changes direction, and meanders through space and time.  

Details, Shipping, and Payment Info:

  • 6"x9" watercolor on canvas

  • Original watercolor painting ready to frame or to hang directly on your wall (please note: the artwork does not come with a frame)

  • Ships securely in custom packaging with tracking number

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