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The Painting Process: painting over, starting over.

Katie Strange

Painting over and starting over is hard. Its really fucking hard.

I’m not talking about scratching a project and moving, with no trace of what came before. I’m talking about significantly changing a project midway through. Facing the fact that there was a vision and that vision changed.

Well then. Now I have a mess. Half of my painting is in total chaos.

Its a pretty scary feeling. There's a lot of trust involved. Trust and faith that you made the right decision. And in the end, if you made the wrong decision, here you are... with half your painting all fucked up. You hope its worth it, cause right now failure feels inevitable.

I have no idea what I’m doing. This was a terrible mistake. 

But then you push through. You do the work. You show up. And its hard, painful, and often pretty ugly. But then you find your way. A new vision comes into formation and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Its not over yet, but you’re much closer than when you started. 

And this is what I ended up with....